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Since 2009, we have been providing kitchen services to government and military customers. With this success, we have expanded our market into the commerical sector. We strive to bring our experience to commercial customers while continuing to build an exceptional reputation for providing products and services on-time and on-budget. The commercial food service environment is stressful enough without the unexpected equipment breakdowns that always happen at the most inconvienient times. At TSL, we are always on-call and ready to solve your commerical kitchen equipment problems.


We are EPA Certified to do HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and Refrigeration.

We are able to maintain equipment through a Preventative Maintenance Program where we test, oil, grease, clean, calibrate and make sure it is in proper working order for longer life of the equipment with less breakdowns and less down time for customers.


Let TSL solve your problems! At TSL, we understand that down time means a loss of revenue for your business. We strive to minimize your down time due to equipment problems and get your kitchen back in business fast! Our certified technicians are ready to provide your business with courteous and knowledgeable services. We provide preventative maintenance and repairs on-budget and on-time!


• Flat Grills • Reach In Reefers
• Tilt Grills • Reach In Freezers
• Pan Grills • Reach In Warmers
• Proofers • Hot Serve Lines
• Ice Machines • Cold Serve Lines
• Mixers • Pastry Displays
• Dishwashers • Walk In Reefers
• Ranges • Walk In Freezers
• Steamers • Deep Fat Fryers
• Steam Kettles • Convection Ovens
• Meat Slicers • Potato Peelers

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June Takekawa Mannix Marquez
Marketing Manager Appliance Tech Supervisor
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